Cooking Fever

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Cooking Fever: Restaurant Game

Get ready to turn up the heat in the kitchen withCooking Fever This addictive mobile game invites you to embrace the role of a master chef and embark on an epic culinary adventure. Developed by [Game Studio Name], Cooking Fever offers an immersive and fast-paced cooking experience that will test your time management and culinary skills. With its wide range of cuisines, exciting challenges, and vibrant visuals, this game is a must-play for food lovers and cooking enthusiasts.

In Cooking Fever, you’ll step into a bustling restaurant kitchen, ready to serve hungry customers with your delectable creations. The game features a variety of restaurants, each specializing in a different cuisine, such as burgers, sushi, pizza, or desserts. As a chef, your task is to prepare and serve dishes to customers while ensuring their satisfaction and earning maximum profits.

How to Play

Playing Cooking Fever is a thrilling culinary journey that requires strategy and precision. Here’s a guide to help you become a top-notch chef:

  1. Manage Your Time: Time management is key in Cooking Fever. As customers arrive at your restaurant, quickly take their orders and start preparing the dishes. Pay attention to the timers on each cooking station and ensure that you don’t overcook or burn the food. Efficiently juggle multiple orders at once to keep the customers happy and earn more tips.
  2. Upgrade Your Equipment: As you progress in the game, you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade your kitchen equipment. Invest in better stoves, coffee machines, fryers, and other appliances to increase your cooking speed and efficiency. Upgrading your equipment will help you serve customers faster and earn higher profits.
  3. Unlock New Restaurants: Cooking Fever offers a wide range of restaurants to unlock and manage. From fast-food joints to seafood restaurants and fancy bakeries, each restaurant presents its own unique challenges and dishes. Earn enough coins and gems to unlock new restaurants and expand your culinary empire.
  4. Experiment with Recipes: As a skilled chef, you have the freedom to experiment with recipes and create your own culinary masterpieces. Customize your dishes by adding different ingredients, spices, and toppings to satisfy your customers’ tastes. Keep an eye on their preferences and adjust your recipes accordingly to earn higher ratings.
  5. Complete Challenges and Achievements: Cooking Fever offers a variety of challenges and achievements to keep you engaged. These challenges may include reaching a certain level of customer satisfaction, earning a specific amount of coins, or completing a set number of orders within a time limit. Accomplishing these challenges will reward you with coins, gems, and other bonuses.
  6. Expand Your Restaurant: As your culinary empire grows, you can invest your earnings to expand and upgrade your restaurant. Renovate the interior, add new decorations, and create a welcoming ambiance for your customers. A visually appealing restaurant will attract more customers and boost your profits.


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Cooking Fever offers an exciting and addictive cooking experience that will put your culinary skills to the test. With its intuitive controls, diverse cuisines, and challenging gameplay, this game provides endless hours of fun and entertainment. So, put on your chef’s hat, sharpen your knives, and get ready to serve up some culinary delights in Cooking Fever!