How to Block a Number on Android

If you are looking for instructions on how to block a number on your Android smartphone, you can use the Silence unknown callers feature. Using these methods, you can eliminate the annoying calls from unknown numbers. If you want to block a specific number, follow the steps mentioned below. But you should also be aware that blocking a number does not make it disappear.

Blocking a number on Android

There are a few ways to block a phone number on Android. The steps are similar across most devices, though the terminology and interfaces may vary. To view numbers, open the Contacts or Phone app on your Android phone. Click the number you want to block and tap its name. You should then choose the options you want. You can then delete the number or block it in the settings. You can also select the number you want to block from future calls.

When you block a number, the phone app will display a banner telling you to do so. If you’ve disabled the system’s caller ID app, tap the system phone app instead. If you’re using a prepaid phone, you can also choose to change to a different prepaid phone card to stop unwanted calls.

  • Silence unknown callers feature on Android

You may have already noticed that the Silence unknown callers feature on Android doesn’t work correctly. You must first enable it in the Settings app. If you don’t want to see it on the home screen, you must enable it by going to Settings > Control Center. If the feature is enabled by default, you can enable it by tapping on the ‘Silence unknown callers’ button. This will open the Settings > Silence Unknown Callers app and enable or disable the Silence Unknown Callers feature.

If you don’t want to see the unknown callers on your recent list, you can also set your phone to silent for all calls from unknown numbers. While Silence Unknown Callers won’t stop spam calls, it will at least allow you to silence important calls. You can also choose to see unknown callers only if you’ve previously left a voice message. This feature can be used in conjunction with third-party apps that block unknown callers.

In Android, you can also block unknown callers by making the Phone by Google app your default dialer. You can do this by downloading the app from the Play Store. Once you’ve installed it, you can choose to set it as your default dialer. To block the app, tap the three-dot menu icon in the top-right corner. This way, unidentified callers won’t be able to reach you.

  • Truecaller

Using Truecaller on Android can be a great way to avoid unwanted calls and texts. This full-featured app can also block specific phone numbers from contacting you. You can add a phone number to your reject list directly or choose from the recent calls or messages list. You can even block certain mobile network carriers from contacting you. To get started, download the app and follow the steps outlined above.

First, download the free version of Truecaller. It’s a great free alternative to the popular Calls Blacklist app. It’s lightweight, simple, and comes with a variety of blocking options. If you need a block for a particular number, you can browse comments from other users. If you’re getting a lot of spam calls, Mr. Number will automatically block those calls for you.

If you don’t want to pay to block spam calls from your phone, you can enable the “dialer” feature on your Android phone. This feature will notify you if a number has been reported for spam and scam purposes, and it also allows you to block calls from certain numbers.