How to Clear Cookies on Android

You may wonder how to clear cookies on Android. After all, cookies are those little files that web servers send to web browsers to store information about a user. Your Android browser collects this data as you browse the web. To make your web connection completely anonymous, you should use a VPN. Fortunately, there are a few free VPN services for Android. To get started, just visit and follow the instructions provided.

  • Chrome Android provides full support to manage and delete the storage

With the built-in browser on your Android device, you can clear all data stored on your device. This includes cookies, site data, cached images, and files. You can also specify a time range for each of these types of data to be cleared. If you don’t want to see any of this data, you can clear it all with a single tap. This is a convenient way to clear browsing history and cookies from your device.

Managing and deleting cookies is a basic part of privacy settings on Chrome. Some websites store cookies on your device to make them load faster, but deleting them will remove that data. Fortunately, Chrome Android provides full support to manage and delete cookies in the browser. To manage cookies, you can go to Settings -> General. After setting the time and frequency, you want to use cookies, choose the time period they last for and select the method for deleting them.

  • Firefox Android provides full support to manage and delete the storage

Full support for managing and deleting the cookies stored by Firefox on Android is provided by the Cookie Quick Manager. This tool can browse and manage cookies, manage their storage, and search them by the domain name. Cookies in this tool are compatible with Firefox 57, and it supports context identities, same-site flags, and localStorage. Cookie Quick Manager is inspired by Advanced Cookie Manager and Cookies Management+, and it is available on Android.

To delete or manage individual cookies from a website, go to the “Storage Inspector” panel on the right-click context menu. It is also available in the Web Developer menu and can be accessed by pressing Shift + F9.

  • Edge Android provides full support to manage and delete the storage

Microsoft Edge is a modern browser that was designed with Windows 10 in mind. It has full support for managing and deleting cookies and offers several privacy settings. Depending on your browsing habits, you can choose to block all third-party cookies or only block malicious trackers. If you frequently visit the same websites, you may want to switch to the Basic mode and disable tracking prevention. The basic mode will only block the most common third-party tracking cookies. The Strict mode will block the majority of trackers.

For more control over your browser, you can manage and delete cookies using the ‘cookies’ option. You can also enable and disable various elements from the homepage. There are three default layouts and one custom layout. By turning off these features, you can easily toggle the ones you don’t use. Those who like minimalistic designs may prefer to turn off all elements. You can also enable and disable individual elements to customize your browser.