LeafSnap Plant Identification App


It can be difficult to determine the genus of a beautiful wildflower or an odd-looking shrub if you come across either of these. Why not just snap a picture and let an app do the identification work for you rather than wasting time looking through websites or bothering your gardening friends for advice?

The current version of Leafsnap is capable of identifying ninety percent of all plant and tree species that have been discovered, which accounts for the vast majority of the species found in each and every country on the planet.


– 100% cost-free and unrestricted snapping.

– Identify thousands of different kinds of plants, flowers, fruits, and trees in an instant

– Discover more about plants, including stunning images from around the world; easily recognize a wide variety of vegetation, including flowers, trees, and more.

– Instantaneous access to a comprehensive Plant Database that is continually updated with newly discovered plant species and information.

– Plant journal/diary with photos, monitor plant growth – Reminders for various plant cares (water, fertilizer, rotate, prune, repot, mist, harvest, or custom reminder) – Track your today’s and upcoming tasks. – Keep track of all the plants in your collection. – Reminders for various plant cares. – Reminders for various plant cares.

– By using a Care calendar, you can stay on top of what your plants require.

How to uninstall the application:

  1. Go into your settings
  2. Go into the Applications Manager
  3. Uninstall the LeafSnap app by selecting it and clicking Uninstall.

LeafSnap Website: http://leafsnap.com/


I live in an area that is surrounded by a large forest and a wetland, both of which are home to a diverse range of plant species, many of which are edible in some way. I have used this app to run the leaves of approximately fifty different plants that were unfamiliar to me, and it has correctly identified the plant every single time. I then googled the name of the plant to make sure it was accurate. The application’s photographing capabilities include four different settings: flowers, leaves, bark, and fruits. However, when bark is run through the app, the first result isn’t always accurate, which is to be expected. However, up to this point, the correct plant has always been on the list; I haven’t tried the setting for fruits yet. Leaves and flowers are displayed with complete precision, but the first result when running bark through the app isn’t always accurate. LeafSnap is an app that I have never used that has worked with anywhere near the same ability as LeafSnap, and despite the fact that it is a free app, it has performed better than even apps that cost money. This is an app that I would highly recommend to anyone who has an interest in plants or wild foods.

I absolutely adore this app, and I put it to good use every time I come across an unusual plant that I want to learn more about. It is very helpful in providing me with additional information on the plants I use as references for my artwork. Strongly suggest going ahead and purchasing both it and the subscription. In addition, it provides information on how to cultivate and take care of the plants that you have identified. Very interesting, but I’m not very good at taking care of plants (I’ve actually killed mint before), so I don’t use that function very often.