Want To Know How To Set Up Voicemail On iPhone? Learn From Here!

Have you just got a new iPhone? If you have, then setting up voicemail is really essential. First, you must ensure that if you miss any call, you can at least receive the message from the caller. Once you set up the voicemail, you can adjust the notifications so that you will know when there is a message. Even though it is an easy task, people often face several complications while setting it up.

Using voicemail is not hard, but it can be quite beneficial for people who cannot answer their phones. If you want to know how to set up the voice mail on your iphone, then check this out!!

Method 1

Use the iPhone “Phone” Application

A person can even activate the voicemail from their iphone in the ‘Phone’ app. At first, they need to open the app because many phones offer you an option where you can activate the voicemail. After that, there will be a specific type of voicemail setting, and you can set up the service. It is the application form where you make the calls which will be in the green color background on your home screen.

You can even set up voicemail in your phone app. First, you should select Voicemail at the bottom right corner of your screen. Before selecting this option, you need to set up a voicemail. When you tap on the voicemail, you will see the option to ‘Set up Now’. It will appear in the middle of the screen, and there you can set the password so that no one else will get access to your voice.

The user can also set up the recordings, where they can record the Greeting tab, which is available in the top left corner. If you want, then you can also transfer the old data to the new phone. Once you set up the password, you need to confirm it and save it. After that, you can find the voicemail greetings page.

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How to choose the greetings in voicemail?

On the greetings page, there will be a ‘Default’ open, which you can use for the default voicemail greetings of the provider. If you want to record, you can even record it by tapping on the ‘Custom’. There you will find two options, one will be the default, and the other will be Custom. If you want to record it, select the Custom option and tap on ‘record’.

You can just record whatever you want to say and how you want to greet people. You can tap on play to preview the message, and if you want to cancel the recording, there will be an option to cancel and record it again.

If you are happy with the message you have recorded, you can just tap on the save option and save it. Your voicemail is fully protected and features the custom or default greeting.

Method 2

Make a call to your service provider

Other than the phone app, which you can use to set up the voice mail on your iPhone. But if you have the older version, you may not be able to do that through the Phone App. But there is one more way through which you can set up the voicemail and manage it. You can just call your service provider, who will provide you with all the information about which number you need to call so that you can set up the voicemail.

There will be different voicemail numbers on which you need to call. If you live in New Zealand and Australia, then you can call the service provider’s mailbox number. Rest you can just search online about the different number of the service provider in different countries.

You can make the call and record the voicemail greeting. They may ask you to record your name as per the standard greeting. You can then follow the prompts to make your greeting personalised and even change the notification method and set up the password.

Method 3

Downloading the smart voicemail app

One of the best ways you can set up voicemail is by downloading the voicemail app. It is a smart voicemail application which will offer you several different benefits. There are several different voicemail apps which you can download. Therefore, it will save a lot of time and effort.

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But one thing that you need to ensure is that you are choosing the best platform. You can enter the mobile number and carrier. When you have the application, then there will be several different tools which you can choose and make things quite easier.